Rainbow Over the Valley

Come join us for a free online game called,

“What’s the Bias?”

for individuals and families with kids 12 years old to adults.

You might not be aware of it but inside your brain you’re sometimes being hacked by your own thinking and by external influences without you even being aware of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to recognize what’s going on behind the scenes and do something about it? These hacks are cognitive biases that can create this flawed thinking; biases are glitches in our very sophisticated information processing system called heuristics.

Heuristics are systematic short-cuts for dealing with the abundance of information we receive every day. When applied to the right situation, they can be life-savers. But sometimes our brains actually sort things incorrectly and it impacts our decision making. That’s where we get biases; they are a glitch in the system, that with awareness, we can start to debug.

Have you ever felt pressure to go along with the group? Heard of stereotyping? Or are you doing something today, that you’ve invested time or money in, that you actually don’t enjoy. These can all be biases!

Do you want to gain ‘bias insights’ and antidotes to try for yourself? Think about how wonderful it would be if young people you know were raised in an environment where they had awareness of biases that might be at play! 

Join “What’s the Bias?” a fun, memorable, noncompetitive online game. It’s about 75 minutes for families, and 90 minutes for adults. Watch a movie and play a game. Click through and reserve your free spot!

    In gratitude,

    Amy Day