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What’s the Bias LIVE!

Single-player and family games are available!

Let’s play a game & reveal our biases — It’s FREE

Let’s watch a movie and play a game with 19 cognitive biases that can trick your brain and together create solutions.

About this event

Gather with other curious learners over Zoom and integrate what you learn as participants in a memorable online educational experience.

Cognitive Biases are glitches in our brain’s efficient information processing systems that can hinder clarity in decision making. By exposing cognitive biases, you can see where they might be at play both internally in your thinking, and externally from marketers and in group interactions. Our objectives are to

  • Increase your bias awareness
  • Create bias compensation strategies for yourself
  • Share common bias language
  • Encourage safe bias discussion

At Clarity4Action.org we coach and teach whole-person decision making so you can get clarity and take purposeful action in your life. We coach and teach young people, emerging adults, parents and mentors. We’re excited to support you with our game!

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