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The VIDA Method

What We Teach

We incorporate the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, evocative coaching and design thinking into our materials. Our goal is to help people navigate life successfully through an activated decision method and meaningful learning experience.

VIDA Method – download


Core Motivation

My Learning Preferences

My Personal Strengths What Do I Care About? Who Am I?


My Internal Operating System

My Brain & Habits

Decision FItness & Biases Reactive vs. Proactive Fear & Anxiety Beneficial Regret

Decision Process

Clear Steps to Understanding

Orienting on the Opportunity

Preferences & Possibilities Gathering Information Evaluating & Integrating


Get Clarity, Take Action

Resource Management

Practical Tools Leadership & Communication Your Support Network

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Who & How we serve with the VIDA Method

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is our way of sharing tips, resources & thoughts to ponder to improve your decision making and reinforce great habits for getting clarity and taking purposeful action in your life.

Get it Done – Thoughtful Thursday

You cannot complete everything in this moment and it’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed.  We have TWO SIMPLE TIPS for you today! If you can complete the task in[…]

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February 20, 2020 0

Busting Out of Limiting Beliefs – Thoughtful Thursday Jan. 30

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – e. e. cummings. To bust out of limiting beliefs, encourage people to talk to others for ideas[…]

Read more
February 4, 2020 0

Thoughtful Thursday – Jan. 23

Courage, Creativity, & Balance give quick wins today to help your decision making in the long run! Click this link to watch the video Download Decision Wheel

Read more
January 23, 2020 0

Upcoming Events & Courses

Contact us or schedule a call for info on our online & in person courses!

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Workshops for Young People

Young people often struggle with uncertainty & wonder if they are “doing the right thing.” Our goal with the VIDA Method is participants will become skilled decision makers who recognize and approach common challenges mindfully. This is an invitation to create your own plan & take personal responsibility for living your values in everyday choices.

Cohort Forming now! Interested? Contact us

Decision Parenting

Apply the VIDA Method to your  decisions, anchored in your values. Become conscious of choice points, gain confidence in being able to coach your family, and become proactive about navigating satisfying decisions that make sense.

• Six 1-hour weekly online classes • Home activities to enhance integrated learning Six-Week Online Course ~ Contact us


Life Coaching with the VIDA Method equips you with tools and practices that will assist you in living more authentically while honoring your unique process for getting things done. If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of your decisions, person-centered coaching can provide a roadmap to get there.

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Check Out Our Cool Partners

Partnerships create more opportunities to reach more young people in their communities. We partner with organizations and agencies to build lifelong skills, improve academic performance, and inspire young people to discover their individual passions. We support youth development to complement the school day, narrow the opportunity gap and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Alliance for Decision Education

Riekes Center for Human Enhancement

Edmonds School District – Edmonds Heights

Society of Decision Professionals


School’s Out Washington

Seattle Parks & Rec Loyal Heights

Expanded Learning Opportunities Network

Classes & Workshops

When it comes to teen & young adult learning, a different approach is required. We aim to inspire motivation and movement in our clients by identifying values and cultivating essential life skills. This can only happen when we engage with our clients by recognizing their inherent creativity, intelligence and tacit knowledge to navigate a successful life.

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Emerging Adults – Contact Us to learn more

Discover your strengths and values

Juggle life responsibilities successfully

√ Apply decision process for better results

√ Leverage time management & organization skills

√ Understand how fear & bias impact your thinking

√ Get more comfortable with an uncertain future …

Young Decision Maker – contact us to learn more

√ Discover your strengths and values

√ Explore the decision process

√ Unpack “OOPS” decisions and learn

√ Ask great questions to develop reasoning skills

√ Tap into healthy habits & self-management techniques

Decision Parenting Overview

Bring great decision making to your family with Decision Parenting! Learn about our VIDA model and integrate this process into everyday life. Join our Decision Parenting 6-week course and receive a Decision Tool Kit and insights. Watch for classes in 2020.

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We must remember this simple truth: the human soul does not want to be fixed, it wants simply to be seen and heard. – Parker Palmer

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Whole Person Decison Parenting & Coaching

At times, adults struggle greatly to connect and influence young people who can be challenging to understand, difficult to communicate with and lacking motivation in both school and life. Parents, caregivers and mentors have an essential supporting role to play in the integration of conscious decision-making. Through shared knowledge, language & skills, participants practice applying the process and collaborating in a safe environment with people who care about each other’s well-being.

We provide parental and youth coaching by partnering with individual families, and offer in person-trainings through learning communities and youth organizations. We get results through building strong relationships, accountability, self-redirection, improved communication and focus. Parents and caring adults may also receive training in integrated whole-person decision-making to equip themselves, shift their own thinking about the decision process, and understand their role in coaching and mentoring the youth they support.

As young people gain more decision autonomy, they are equipped to navigate life successfully. Although decision making is a process, adolescents will usually choose to learn it because of the tangible results they can get, not because the process is intrinsically exciting to them. Today, young people are under great pressure to be successful. Educators and parents increasingly recognize the limitations of traditional school curriculum regarding the personal development gap. Decision coaching facilitates individualized learning that sticks. Most people thrive when they engage in person-centered, no fault, strengths-based coaching. Our approach is a unique blend of heart and mind, integrating the power of intuition and smart decision tools. Our goal is that with practice, anyone can swiftly make better choices in personal or professional situations.

We Work With:

• Students & Learning Communities • Parents & Caregivers • Youth Advocates & Mentors • Non-Profit & Faith Based Organizations • Medical & Mental Health Providers • Neuroscientists & Researchers •

Young people often feel overwhelmed when trying to make decisions and while going through significant life transitions. To be effective they must practice design-thinking processes and self reflection. It’s key that they learn how to build supporting systems, marshal resources and adjust their course of action when necessary to bring their aspirations to fruition. We have chosen the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, design thinking and coaching techniques to provide powerful learning opportunities & tools.

Our Partner Projects

Edmonds School District • Edmonds Heights K-12 • Seattle Parks & Recreation • Loyal Heights Program • YMCA • Kirkland Teen Hub • Gates Foundation • Kindfest • Society for Decision Professionals  Expanded Learning Opportunities Network


What Our Clients Say:




-SAM, AGE 17








-Altea, AGE 13

Our Mission, Vision & Values

 Our Vision

Whole-person decision making for a better world

Our Values

 Inclusivity No one will be turned away for lack of funds

Diversity Welcoming people from all backgrounds Accessibility Appropriate for all kinds of learners Integrity Teaching people to decide based on their own values & circumstance while honoring their season in life Responsiveness Listening & adapting to the needs of those we work with while building content based on credible research and sound practice. Who We Are








Our Team

Board of Directors

Amy Day

Co-founder & facilitator

Amy is excited to bring young people, and the adults who care about them, the power of quality decision making and tools for action.  Amy brings a breadth of professional experience in decision education and coaching, K-12 education, volunteer management, and program and board development with the Decision Education Foundation, Youth in Philanthropy, and American Red Cross as well as 18-years in alternative education.  Amy is an honors graduate in Economics with a Spanish Literature minor from Whitman College.

Kristen Jawad

Co-founder & facilitator

Kristen holds a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and has advanced training in compassionate communication, restorative justice, evocative coaching & parent education. She recognizes the value of emotional fluency and conscious choice to create a life of purpose. As an educator, she believes in the value of understanding how you think, feel and learn. And as a parent of two teens, she has witnessed the magic that occurs when a person dreams big, believes in them self & takes action. She brings these perspectives to the high school and college students she works with.

Jim Matheson

Founding Board Member

Jim is a co-founder of SmartOrg and a world recognized leader in the development and application of decision analysis. In recognition of his career, he was awarded the Ramsey Medal, the highest honor in the field of decision analysis, for creating and managing the world’s first decision analysis group at SRI International in addition to decades of contribution to the principles and applications of decision analysis. In addition to his professional practice, Dr. Matheson has been a Consulting Professor in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University since 1967, where he regularly teaches courses and supervises graduate students.

David Leonhardi

Board Member

Dave is currently striving to ensure maximum “QTR” (Quality Time Remaining) by giving back the skills that he learned and refined through working 40+ years for the Boeing Company, the last 25 years involving strategic decision making. After retiring from the Boeing Commercial Airplane Division, Dave has been focused on bring decision-making and strategy skills to non-profit organizations and early stage Entrepreneurs/new business start-ups. He currently works as a Principle Decision Consultant, Next Dimension Strategies and serves on the Board of Directors of Clarity4Action and ChildStrive.

Lisa Van Horne

Board Member

Lisa grew up in Montevideo, Minnesota on a farm.  She received her BA from Luther College in Decorah, IA in Interdisciplinary: Communication Disorders. She received her MS in Communication Disorders – SLP from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She has worked in many different settings over the 30 years she has been an SLP.  She worked in skilled nursing facilities and home health from 1988 to 2003. Lisa was a contract SLP in the Kent School District from 2003-2005. She was a professor at Shoreline Community College in the Speech Language Pathology Assistant program until March, 2011 when the program closed. Lisa started to work in the Edmonds School District as an SLP at Hazelwood Elementary in 2009 and continues to work there full time. Lisa enjoys supervising graduate students and has supervised several from the University of Washington and Western Washington University. Lisa has worked as a rehearsal accompanist and temporary music director of a church. She has many hobbies including scrapbooking, walking, biking, sewing, reading and music.

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