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We incorporate the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, evocative coaching and design thinking into our materials. Our goal is to help people navigate life successfully through an activated decision method and meaningful learning experience.

The VIDA Method

How can it serve you today?

Created by Clarity4Action, The VIDA Method addresses youth as they develop a sense of identity and reflect on their values.

One of the biggest challenges young decision-makers face is emotional regulation. We share strategies that help reveal common hurdles and cognitive biases they confront daily that impact decision quality. The decision quality process provides a repeatable formula for success. Knowing which tools to use and when reduces the frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed that young people experience and builds more autonomous decision efficacy. Clarity4Action teaches youth the skills required to get clarity and take purposeful action.

We have chosen the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, design thinking, and coaching techniques to provide activated learning opportunities & tools. Our workshops bridge the gap between traditional school curriculum and career-connected learning. We teach courses that focus on planning for high school and beyond – an integrated approach to decisions related to college, career, and life readiness. As the science of learning evolves, we have a better understanding of how academic mastery, applied experience, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills are essential components of well-prepared citizens.

It is clear a gap exists between students being ready to graduate from high school and being ready to succeed in college, career, or life. To close the gap, decision education must become individualized, activated, and applicable to real-life decisions. By doing so, we nurture resilient young people who focus on quality decisions today as an investment in returns tomorrow.


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with The VIDA Method

• Parents and Families • Non-profits & Community Groups • Individuals
• Corporations • Schools & After School Programs
The VIDA Method (Values – my Internal Operating System – Decision Process –
), created by Clarity4Action, addresses youth as they develop a sense of identity and reflect on their values.


Our Goals As We Grow

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