Unclear future planning affect decision-making

This week, during our “Eating Frogs” challenge, we’ve uncovered two common hurdles that affect decision-making: cognitive biases and unclear future planning. Let’s explore how to address these effectively:

  1. Are You Deciding Under the Influence of Cognitive Biases? It’s easy to overlook the invisible narratives and cognitive biases that shape our decisions. Here’s how you can combat this:
  • Recognize: Acknowledge that cognitive biases exist.
  • Notice: Identify when and where these biases appear in your decision-making.

Respond: Develop strategies to counteract these biases effectively.

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2. Feeling Uncertain About Your Future Path? If you’re struggling with envisioning your future and mapping out the steps to get there, our “Backcasting: Creating Trails from Your Future” masterclass is perfect for you.

Backcasting Masterclass: This 90-minute class uses a unique approach:

  • Imagine: Use your imagination to define what you want in the future.
  • Solve: Approach today’s problems with solutions inspired by your future success.
  • Plan: Develop a clear, step-by-step path to achieve your goals, avoiding common pitfalls of fear and confusion.

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