Bring your decision to life

Last week, we explored the VIDA Method™ and the balance between inquiry and action in decision-making. This week, let’s delve deeper into how this applies to the implementation phase.

Being in a State of Action:

Once you’ve made a decision, you enter the state of action. This is where you start to bring your decision to life. However, it’s important to remember that even in action, there’s a place for inquiry.

Implementation Inquiry:

As you implement your decision, you’ll encounter smaller loops of inquiry and action. These aren’t about revisiting the entire decision-making process but rather about addressing specific aspects as you move forward.

For example:

  • When buying a house, you might inquire about interest rates or seek expert advice on structuring your loan.
  • As you sell your house, you might explore different marketing strategies or pricing options.

The Key Takeaway:

Big decisions lead to big actions, but along the way, there are smaller cycles of inquiry and action that help you fine-tune and adjust your course. Embrace these loops as opportunities to optimize your decision and ensure its success.

Remember, the VIDA Method™ is not just about making decisions; it’s about effectively implementing them through a dynamic interplay of inquiry and action.

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