Rainbow Over the Valley

Life is about trade-offs

Have you ever felt the pressure to choose between Option A and Option B as if it were a straightforward decision? This approach is fundamentally flawed and here’s why:

Binary Choices: The notion that decisions boil down to A or B oversimplifies the complexity of real-life choices. This mindset can trap us in a cycle of fear, confusion, and scarcity because, in reality, no single decision can fulfill all our desires. Life is about trade-offs.

Biased Thinking: The either/or bias, also known as black-and-white thinking, narrows our perspective and limits our potential. It encourages us to think within constraints rather than exploring the full spectrum of possibilities.

Deciding Based on Alternatives: Starting with just two options stifles creativity and often fails to address the true essence of what we’re trying to achieve.

A Better Approach:

Expand Your Decision Frame: Ask yourself, “What is the broader context of my decision? What am I truly trying to accomplish?”

Define Your Desires: Identify what you want from this decision. What are your criteria for success?

Explore Diverse Pathways: Consider various ways to achieve your goals. Is there a solution that combines elements of different options that gets you more of what you want?

If you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of how to proceed, hit reply to this email. I’m here to help you navigate through your decision-making journey with clarity and confidence.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach