Rainbow Over the Valley

An easy solution awaits

When we’re bombarded with multiple decisions and don’t know where to start, it can lead to frustration, paralysis, confusion, and overwhelm. If these symptoms sound familiar, I have a strategy that might help.

In decision-making, it’s crucial to differentiate between two concepts: uncertainty and unknowns. Let’s start with what you can do right now. Reflect on the decisions swirling in your mind and ask yourself:

  • What You Know: This list should include information you already possess.
  • What You Don’t Know (The Unknowns): Identify the information gaps. These are aspects you don’t know yet but could potentially discover. Look for reliable sources to gather information, easing the pressure of the unknowns.

Remember, it’s impossible to know everything, and delving too deep into minor details isn’t always worth your time. 

Focus on the significant aspects that will influence your decisions.

  • What You Can’t Know (Uncertainty): These are elements you simply can’t predict, like someone’s reaction, market fluctuations, or future events. It’s crucial to recognize that decisions shouldn’t be judged solely on outcomes, as uncertainty is an inevitable part of life.

Understanding the difference between unknowns and uncertainty is key. Seeking information can reduce stress and cognitive load, eventually revealing a path to a well-informed and powerful decision.

I hope these insights offer you clarity and direction in your decision-making journey. For more weekly tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at Clarity4Action.org.

Take care and make your decisions count!

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach