Rainbow Over the Valley

“What problem are you solving?”

To make a decision, defining what you’re actually solving is called a decision FRAME. Sometimes, however, when we frame up a decision, we take the frame that is given to us… It’s called a THROWN FRAME.

Here’s the kicker: People often toss frames our way without even realizing it. “Are you going to college or getting a job?” Sure, but there’s a whole spectrum between those two, right? Thrown frames can look like innocent inquiries, like, “Are you house hunting in our town?” or self-imposed expectations, such as, “Maybe I should go back to school for XYZ certification.”

So, instead of blindly accepting the frames thrown our way, let’s ask ourselves, “What problem am I really solving here?” What if we replaced “should” with “want” and explored what truly matters to us? The antidote to a thrown frame is recognizing our values, caring about what truly matters, and framing our decisions accordingly.

Challenge yourself to step back when facing a decision opportunity.

Whether it’s society, others, or even ourselves imposing frames that don’t quite fit, remember—you are the decision-maker. YOU decide the questions, the frames, and how you move forward.

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    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach


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