Rainbow Over the Valley

Who am I?

35,000… that’s the average number of decisions you make in a day.

Thank goodness our brains have automated systems to make all those rapid decisions throughout our day. Still, we’re faced with decisions we have to think through.

You can practice applying a great decision tool, like weightlifting, using our four question cycle to help you improve the day-to-day decisions you need to ponder. You’re building decision muscles to then apply to more complex situations.

When facing a decision, ask yourself

  • Who am I? What do I care about? What strengths do I bring to the table?
  • How am I? HALT if you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Take care of your physical and emotional needs to support your decision fitness. We can thank AA for this great HALT practice.
  • What could I? What gets me more of what I want from my decision? Get creative!
  • How will I? How do I leverage who I am, what I’m good at, and what works for me in taking effective action moving forward.

Build your decision-making muscle by pausing to think it through with these four questions. Of course each of these questions provides a high level of what we teach. 

If you are facing a pressing decision or want to learn more, schedule a free call with me. Send me an email amy@clarity4action.org.

Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach