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We all have limited resources

Today, I want to revisit a familiar topic that we’ve discussed in the past – the sunk cost bias. Biases play a crucial role in shaping our decisions.

Our brains employ a remarkable tool known as heuristics. This automated sorting mechanism categorizes the constant influx of information we encounter daily into manageable buckets, making us more efficient in our daily lives. However, there’s a catch – heuristics can sometimes mis-sort, leading to cognitive biases. A classic example is stereotyping, where we wrongly pigeonhole people due to preconceived notions wired into our brains.

The important thing to remember is that awareness is our best defense against biases. By recognizing their presence, we can start to counteract their effects and make better judgments.

One particular cognitive bias that gets us off track in our decisions is the sunk cost bias. We all have limited resources – our time, and money. The sunk cost bias tricks us into thinking that if we’ve invested a lot of time or money into something, it deserves more weight in our current decision-making process. Whether it’s a long-standing friendship or a problematic purchase, the sunk cost bias can impact our thinking.

To counteract this bias, ask yourself: “Even though I’ve invested time or money into something, would I choose it today?”  By detaching from the time or money you’ve already invested, you gain a new perspective on what you want.

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Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach


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