Rainbow Over the Valley

Is this happening to you?

This is literally the first fall, since before COVID, that I feel inspired by the new school year. What’s so interesting is the new ideas and new decisions I’m making because of what I’ve been through. Is this happening for you? 

I’m so curious about your experience. Take a moment to reflect on where you’ve been, how it’s changed you, and where you’re going.

Ask yourself

  • What’s opening up for me now that things are becoming more normal?
  • How have my values shifted? How am I thinking about choices in a new way?
  • Where am I struggling or feeling liberated? Take a moment to reflect on where you are now.
  • What new decisions are on the horizon?

I feel excited because now I can reach more teens and young adults who are making their ‘first’ big decisions in life, and their parents and supporters as they face their own family transitions.  

If you’d like to know more about who, what, where, and how we’re teaching people just like you, reach out and email me at .

Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach