Rainbow Over the Valley

I’m back from my vacation.

I feel like I’ve gone fishing and I’m still not ready to be home.

You may not be aware, but I’m writing a book about decision making and as I slip back into life I feel like I’m just behind. So often when coaching clients or talking with friends and family, I see this same pattern where we can decide to make up stories that can result in self-criticism or feeling a sense of lacking.

As the decision maker, I’m deciding what story I’m making up with my evidence…. I hoped to have my book done by the end of summer, I spent valuable time with my family, and took a much needed vacation. Yet somehow I’m feeling behind. It took my friend and co-worker, Chyna, to help snap me out of it. 

“Your book is not due to the publisher until the end of the year and you feel behind?” Chyna asked.

I had to laugh!

Sometimes what’s easy to see in others while I’m teaching or coaching can be hard for me to see in myself. I’m deciding what story the evidence tells. I literally have four months to complete my book. I’m not actually ‘behind’!

It’s funny how when we reframe what’s going on, and give it a different story or a new perspective, we get creative about what we’re actually looking at. We can move out of being stuck or feeling like we’re not enough and into powerful action. 

The next few weeks I’ll be talking about symptoms like self-criticism, feeling stuck, or wondering why you don’t feel excited about taking action, how they relate to decision making, and what you can do about them.

I’m glad to be back and here to support you!

Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach