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Release your feelings of guilt

I reached out to one of the pioneering experts of decision making to support you with even more clarity about decisions and outcomes. Jim Matheson, my dad, shares an important life story about someone his work impacted deeply.

Watch this week’s video for insights and inspiration https://youtu.be/ST7w_p9kshA.

Making a distinction between decisions and outcomes puts your energy where it matters – in your decision making – and releases your feelings of guilt and regret about your results.

Back in June, I interviewed 12 experts in decision making as a part of a series called The Founders Series. Jim is just one of these expert panelists.

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Some of the experts are:

  • Ron Howard, PhD, co-founder of Decision Analysis, reflects on deep learning from his life.
  • Ralph Keeney, PhD, author of Giving Yourself a Nudge, offers decision insights from his own life and research.
  • David Redish, PhD, author of Mind Within the Brain, shares how we can resolve internal conflict.

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Amy Day

    Decision Coach