Rainbow Over the Valley

Connect to your strengths

Last week, we talked about how values interplay with your vision for your life. Imagine you are a ship in a great ocean. If your values represent your unique ship moving powerfully through the world, then your vision is simply the rudder providing you direction grounded in your values.

You have another great tool at your disposal for navigating the world! Your signature strengths support you in getting where you want to go.

The human brain is programmed to see things that are missing, in the wrong place, errors, or done poorly; it’s a part of our survival and for this we are grateful! This filter is not only an external activity, but it points to us internally so we can feel like we don’t meet expectations or we should be better at something. Unfortunately this great system can be counter-productive.

Today, I invite you to flip that conversation and ask, “I have lots of strengths, what are they? How can I use my strengths in powerful decision making? How can I invite people with complementary strengths to support me in thinking things through?”

When reflecting on your strengths, find ones that meet all three requirement

  1. When I do it, it energizes me.
  2. I’m known for it.
  3. It’s draining if I don’t get to use it.

Connect to your strengths, employ them this week, and see what happens.

In gratitude,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach