Rainbow Over the Valley

Why we’re committed to our decision

I’m on vacation but before I left I went through old Thoughtful Thursdays for topics that keep coming up in the Decision Laboratory class and my coaching. Here’s an oldie but goodie on the link between vision and values. Enjoy!

Let’s teleport back two years…

I’ve missed you all the last couple weeks while I was traveling with our daughter as she moved back into college. As we worked together, I was thinking about her vision for her life, her values, and how those two components are so important to driving decision making forward.

She was really clear that even with COVID, her vision for her life is to be in a safe community of like-minded artists and friends learning together. And as I look at her vision, underneath I can see hints at some of her core values of community, safety, family, and creativity.

When we think about this relationship between vision and values, it’s really important to see that values are really the anchor to who we are and how we express ourselves authentically in the world. Our vision, on the other hand, creates the direction we want to go as we make decisions that are aligned with our values. Moreover, research shows it’s our values that propel us through to action by connecting us to why we’re committed to our decision.

Today I invite you to imagine…

  • What is the experience I would like to have of my life, six months to two years from now?
  • What does my dream tell me about my core values?

I’m excited to hear from you about your vision for your life. I’m glad to be back!

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Amy Day

    Decision Coach