Rainbow Over the Valley

You know what, I think you’ve got enough.

Last week, I talked about the kind of decision maker who is a ‘Decisive’ and comes to closure quickly on a decision. Frankly, I envy those who can just make a decision and act. It can seem like their life is easy. But by acting quickly, they can shortchange themselves of some of what they want out of their choice. 

Today, I’m speaking to the people who find comfort in lots of options; the ‘Possibilitarians’ who like to keep decisions open because maybe there’s something more out there that will contribute to an even better choice. Possibilitarians love outside-the-box thinking and yet can be challenged when it comes to deciding and acting.

If you are a Possibilitarian, you probably love to be in a creative space, looking at options, not wanting to miss out on juiciness! The extreme expression of this gift can look like analysis paralysis, confusion, and inaction. And the cost can be your time and energy as you look for more options; this cost can far outweigh the value of the more alternatives.

Connect to yourself and ask

  • What do I want out of this decision?
  • Will more information or looking at more options add value to my decision?
  • Who or what can support me in committing to my decision and taking my first action step?
  • What is my first action step? When do I commit to doing it?

You probably know someone who is a Decisive. Invite them to come alongside you to offer a new perspective to your decision. Remember, a decision is just a notion until you take action. So invite people in your life to support you in coming to closure, not to be pushy or pull you through, but to say, “You know what, I think you’ve got enough.” 

Whether you prefer being in a Decisive or a Possibilitarian state, you can always access both of these dynamics in your own process. Have a conversation with yourself, putting on either of these hats, and see your decision through the other lens to get more of what you want through your choice.

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    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach