Rainbow Over the Valley

Get more out of your decisions

This past week I was at a writer’s conference in New Orleans and somebody asked me a really important question. 

“Why are some people decisive and others just can’t make decisions” 

I want to spend two Thoughtful Thursdays on this idea – one on ‘Decisives’ who love to get closure in decision making – and the other on ‘Possibilitarians’ who like to keep things open. 

Why would we even spend time making a decision? It’s so we get more of what we want out of our choices. We’re juicing the decision for all it’s got!

You might say to yourself, “I’m good at making decisions… I make them quickly and then I take action.” That’s awesome! I would call you a ‘Decisive’.

In my coaching I ask questions to explore your decision to see if you’re leaving value on the table. You might seek the comfort of closure before you’ve thought it all the way through. In its extreme, decisions can look like… ready… fire… aim… and then you step back and say, “Wait, did I want to do this differently?”


Connect with yourself and ask

  • What do I want out of this decision?
  • What else could I do?
  • Are there alternatives I haven’t considered? Could I create a hybrid alternative that gets more of what I want?
  • How would someone else do it?

I am sure you know people who are Possibilitarians, who like to keep things open, and maybe even seem like they can never make a decision. They’re actually thinking in a different way than you are. They can come alongside you and give you some great ideas.

If you want to get more out of your decisions, reach out! Hit reply to this email so I can give you resources and possibilities.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach