Rainbow Over the Valley

Do things ever get you “in the feels?”

I know they can for me… especially when I’m bombarded by incessant news cycles about the same situation over and over. The drama can sometimes feel scary and real.

We can actually be pulled off target in our thinking by a cognitive bias called the Salience Effect. Cognitive biases are a mis-sort of information and with the Salience Effect, we end up giving extra weight to those things that make us feel deeply. 

As an antidote, I invite you to

  • Look for other reliable data and information that supports other perspectives.
  • Step away from the situation, process how you feel, and come back to the problem with fresh eyes.

You are the decision maker so gather good information to make quality choices about your future.

I’ve created an interview series just for you! You’re on my email list, and yet I don’t want to spam you. So you get to opt in. It’s a series of interviews with experts in different realms of life, providing you with great information that can be really helpful

and supportive of you making quality decisions in areas like

  • Relationships with family and coworkers
  • Creatively connecting to what you care about
  • Dealing with the clutter in life
  • Finances -– how to think about managing them and consuming consciously
  • Your spiritual life
  • Health and wellness

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    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach

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