Rainbow Over the Valley


Something significant came up last Thursday in our free monthly Decision Club meeting… Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is an abstract idea, but you’ve experienced it before. It’s like this… you experience an outcome, or a result after you’ve made a decision. Sometimes it’s a good outcome, sometimes bad. If things didn’t work out, you might feel regret or like you should have done better as you stew over what happened.

So what did happen? Living between a decision and an outcome resides uncertainty. It’s what impacts the odds of something working out or not. You can make a great decision and experience a good or bad outcome, and it’s not your fault.

We get to take ourselves off the hook for outcomes. But rather than being a state of fault about outcomes, look back at your decision.

Ask yourself

  • Was it a good decision?
  • Was it a bad decision?
  • Did I learn something?
  • Do I know something today that I didn’t know when I made the decision?

Regardless of how it went, you’re learning, so forgive your former self. Move forward knowing your power is in your decision making because of uncertainty!

Do you know if you’ve made a good decision? There are three things you can do!

  • Reach out by hitting reply to this email. I can support you.
  • Come next month to our free Decision Club. Show up on camera or off! Participate in a way that works for you. Having kids on your lap is just fine.
  • Join the Decision Classroom, a self-paced online course with video guidance and a downloadable workbook. If money is a problem for you, reach out. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Get the support you need. Worry about decisions, not outcomes. Release the fear of regret and make powerful choices.

Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach