Rainbow Over the Valley

What does your heart want out of this decision?

It seems like the human experience is riddled with second guessing ourselves! Today I’d like to share a potential antidote to this very real problem. In my Thoughtful Thursday Decision Coaching videos and emails, I strive to offer you theory and then concrete solutions and steps – oftentimes I describe a symptom and offer a possible antidote.

This morning on a Zoom call with friends, one of them was struggling with a decision. She had two big classes she wanted to take and it was logical to take both but somehow she was still second guessing her decision. She knew logically taking two classes was a good idea so why couldn’t she act on it?

Her ‘analysis paralysis’ could be a symptom of a head and heart integration problem so I asked her, “What does your heart want out of this decision?” As she answered I heard how she longed to go deep in her learning. 

I wondered out loud, “Sometimes when we go wide with something it can be harder to go deep.” Suddenly I could see a new option open up for her! She realized she could take one class, go deep, and take the other class later.

Are you stuck anywhere?

Could your head and heart be out of alignment making it hard to move forward with your decision? I invite you to ask yourself

  • What does my head want out of this decision?
  • What does my heart want?
  • Is there a way to tweak my decision to meet the needs of both?

Are you longing for a sense of knowing how to move ahead, to create a structure for aligning your decisions with where you want to go, and be able to support those you love with their good decision making? If so, our online Decision Classroom is for you.

Click the link below to learn more about the Decision Classroom and register for our self-paced online course. Reach out if you need support, I’m here as a resource.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach