Rainbow Over the Valley

Decide things differently about my stuff

The other day I was cleaning up my kitchen desk. For motivation, I listened to a YouTube video by a decluttering expert while I worked. She was talking about an idea so profound that it created a huge epiphany for me to decide things differently about my stuff… and about time!

She said something like, “Let’s say you have a pillow to put away, the closet shelf (your pillow ‘container’) is full, and you want to keep the pillow in your hand. Pick the pillow you want least and give it away to bless someone else.” I’m familiar with this idea. It’s still stressful for me to decide. 

Then she said, “If you’re one of those people who feels like things are your fault, or you have guilt around getting rid of something that was a gift, blame the container. It’s the container’s fault that you can’t keep all the pillows. What?!!? She’s talking to me!

My guilt or blaming thoughts get in the way of my decision fitness. Plus my sense of taking responsibility for my actions adds fuel to the fire. There’s so much pressure that gets in the way of me making a powerful decision about simple or complicated choices – it can keep me from moving into action. 

Here’s where it gets super real. If you know me, I have the ability to cram so much into one day. My friends joke that I can’t actually bend time, but I’d like to. There’s simply too many opportunities and perhaps a fear of missing out.

Do you ever feel like there’s too much pressure to do everything?

I created a time antidote for myself. If I think of time as a ‘container’ and there are too many options during the day, I get to keep the activities I want most and let the rest go. It’s the ‘container’, time’s fault’, not mine. This thinking connects me with what I want and moves me out of thinking something is wrong with me and into self-compassion – into a more decision fit state.

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    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach