Rainbow Over the Valley

Big upgrade to the quality of your decisions!

I recorded a YouTube video for you last Saturday on the heartbreaking anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger explosion. Watch it to the end if you are interested in a big upgrade to the quality of your decisions!

Listen to the video

Typically I write you a summary of my videos but this one is so juicy as I explain the Confirmation Bias and disasters like Challenger, Columbia, and Chernobyl that I’m asking you to watch or listen to the video to make this invisible bias visible. I feel such urgency about changing the way we gather quality and critical information because we’re missing valuable decision upgrades in our lives. And we can unknowingly be taken off target with sometimes catastrophic results.

      One tragic flaw in our effective decision making is that we simply look for evidence that confirms our beliefs and not information that CONTRADICTS OUR THINKING. Great alternatives, gems, and insights often arise from synthesizing other views and keep us on target to a great decision.

      Enjoy the video!

      Amy Day

        Decision Coach