Rainbow Over the Valley

Happy New Year!

Maybe you’ve had a wonderful 2022 or maybe you’re just grateful it’s almost over. Regardless of how your year went, I want to share a practice with you I do at the end of each year to inspire my next one. 

I look at the realms of my life such as my family, work, community, etc. and create a mind map on a large piece of paper with colored pens. I sit and reflect on 2022 and inventory my victories. Then I brainstorm all the things I would like to accomplish, upgrade, change or commit to in 2023. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution but setting an intention about what I’d like to create next – my vision for 2023. You can do the same.

Get creative! Put it all down. If list feels long, don’t fret. 

My dad, Jim Matheson, says, “The reason time exists is so everything doesn’t happen all at once.”

Look at your brainstorm.

  • Consider when you would like to accomplish each idea? The first three months of the year? The last? You don’t have to get it all done at the same time!
  • Notice where decision points might come up. Equip yourself to make powerful and effective choices.

My video lays out more detail to help you walk through the process. Hit reply to this email if you have any questions or need support.

    Happy New Year,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach