Rainbow Over the Valley

Make today’s decision in a new way

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I had mentioned the idea of asking, “What decisions did you make to get here?” That one simple question shifted him into seeing where he had decision points in the past and how he could move forward in a different and powerful way.

This is an opportunity to reflect, and not beat yourself up, but to move you into a state of expansion. Today, think back with curiosity and kindness at your past decisions as learning opportunities.

I invite you to ask yourself

  • What decisions did I make to get here?  
  • Where did I take hold of my decision power? 
  • Where did I relinquish my power as the decision maker and not seize it?
  • Where was I confused about decision making?
  • What decisions would I like to make today moving forward?

Looking back can help you see your way forward in a new way. 

Watch for an email this week with a video link to help you create the holiday experience you’re looking for. It’s there to help you make a decision and take action when you’re stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Move forward with today’s decisions in a way that puts you in the driver’s seat as the decision maker.

    Warm Holiday Wishes,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach