Rainbow Over the Valley

I’ll get back to that later

So often I sign up for a webinar or class where they share the recording and I’ll say to myself, “I’ll get back to that later…”  Days, weeks, and months can go by and I never get back to it.

I’m sending out a link to remind you that you can watch Clarity4Action’s Founders Series anytime. For Conversations with decision science pioneers

How you can improve your decision making

Watch deep conversations with Decision Analysis pioneers who started a peaceful decision revolution over 50 years ago, the next generation who are growing this work into new fields, and insights into the brain science behind how we decide. Understand the genesis of their work, where it’s grown, and their best advice about how you can improve your decision making.

Here’s the full link as well: https://clarity4action.org/founders-series-registration/ 

Feel free to share the Founders Series with friends and colleagues by forwarding this email.

    Warm Holiday Wishes,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach