Rainbow Over the Valley

Remember to appreciate yourself

​​It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. tomorrow… how incredible to have a holiday just for thankfulness! ​Where do thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation intersect in a concrete way with everyday life for you?

This season I’m practicing sharing a simple appreciation with those ​who are physically with me ​or far away. Sharing an appreciation is giving the gift of holding a mirror up to someone and showing them what you see that’s great about them; watch them be filled up! And ​remember to appreciate yourself.

Sharing appreciations can look something like this.

  1. ​I really appreciate t​hat you​ ___________________.
  2. ​​I really appreciate how you ____________________.

I ​really appreciate that I get to serve and support you in creating your great life through great decision making. Thank you.

    In gratitude,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach