Rainbow Over the Valley

What should I do?

I chose cold Seattle over a tropical paradise!??! I chose to stay in chilly Seattle instead of heading to Hawaii with my husband, Cliff, who was traveling there for his job as an airline pilot. So how did I arrive at this decision?

In decision making, we logically consider trade-offs among various choices. In my case, I might think about beautiful beaches, relaxation, cold weather, and getting ready for the holidays. Interspersed with these options can be conversations with oneself about ‘shoulds.’ What should I do? What will people say? I should stay and prepare for the holidays. I should go!

One way we can balance our decision and shift our thinking is to consider the experience we want to create and the story we want to tell about our life. For my first trip to Hawaii I imagine relaxing on beaches, unplugging, and adventuring together, not 20 hours in airports, on flights, and rushing around during a 72-hour trip. I might think I ‘should’ go to Hawaii – who wouldn’t – but in reality, it’s a decision that doesn’t make sense for me today.

When you’re considering a decision, integrate your thoughts and feelings by asking

  • What are some of the trade-offs in this decision? Make a list.
  • What do I want to experience and how will it feel? Describe it.
  • Which options, or pieces of different choices, get me more of what I want both in my mind and heart?

Whether it’s your Seattle or Hawaii, what would you like to have as a part of your life story? Make your next great decision embracing your mind and heart.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach