Rainbow Over the Valley

Start to listen!

I was asked a great question the other day that I thought could really serve you. My assistant, Chyna, reached out to me and said, “What if what we really value is less glamorous or instagramable?”

Even when we’re happy we might judge our values and say, ‘they’re not as exciting or as glamorous as things like creativity, altruism, or generosity.’ We can sometimes have judgments about our values and even create negative stories about ourselves. In reality, it can pull us into thinking about what we SHOULD value, not what we DO value.

I encourage you to look at your life, and pick a special object – a favorite coffee cup from your cupboard, something special on your counter or in your room, your car –

And ask yourself

  • If my special object could speak, what would it say about me?
  • Why do I value it?
  • What values of mine are being revealed?

You might be surprised at what value themes start to come up. The special things and people all around you in your everyday life tell you what you value. Start to listen! You are uniquely you… whether you think you have ‘boring’ or ‘glamourous’ values. When you make decisions, anchor your decision making, not in what you should value, but in what you do value.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Decision Coach