Rainbow Over the Valley

Decision making in a new way

My brother, David, and I were born in a Decision Laboratory. Not a white coat laboratory, but a home with parents and family friends who were pioneering the field of Decision Analysis. 

Little did we know at the time, but we were growing up in an environment where everyone talked about decision making in a new way; we were becoming decision making native speakers in all areas of our lives. 

We grew up with the belief that everyone can learn what we know. Today, David Matheson is a Corporate Innovation Coach at Smartorg.com and as you know, I’m a Personal Decision Coach at Clarity4Action.org supporting everyday people who don’t know what next step to take.

David and I created Innovation’s Children, a series of 5-minute videos to support you, where we talk about pitfalls and solutions in decision making both at work and home. In the end, you are the constant in your life and a simple upgrade to one area of decision making can spill over into others.

In today’s Thoughtful Thursday I’ll let the video speak for itself and I’ll leave you with

One question to ask yourself

  • What small shift can I make today in how I’m looking at a problem/opportunity to inspire innovation at home or at work?

Enjoy Innovation’s Children – Episode 1: Don’t Kill Your Children. I’d love to know what landed for you, just hit reply.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day

      Your Decision Coach