Rainbow Over the Valley

Untangling life’s messy decisions

As I wrapped up our first cohort in Clarity4Action’s Decision Classroom, it became clear that everyday people are seeking the opportunity to talk about what’s going on and get support in untangling life’s messy decisions. We’re excited to announce our first monthly Decision Club Zoom call and you’re invited! Join us for free on the first Thursday of every month as we master decision skills together and apply them to real life.

Make sure you’re signed up to our Decision Club community or Thoughtful Thursday to receive our zoom link.

This month’s topic: How to Eat a Frog!

Sometimes when we try to take action we can get bogged down in self-talk like

  • I don’t feel like it
  • I’m really stressed out
  • I hate things like this
  • I’m not good at it

You are not alone! Move from feeling powerless to taking effective action by identifying three key ingredients to making the perfect frog eating recipe! So what are these frogs? They are those icky things we all have to get done. Get clarity and take purposeful action. 

Meet up on Zoom for our free 90-minute group Decision Club meeting on Thursday, August 11th, 6pm pacific time.

Why free of charge? Because we’re a non-profit and we’re committed to teaching whole-person decision making for a better world. With great decision skills, anything is possible!

We hope you can join us.

    Warm regards,

    Amy Day