Rainbow Over the Valley

Perfect time to reflect

​​​​​​​As we move out of Covid, now is the perfect time to reflect on what you want in your life. It’s great to take a pause and dream.

We can feel pulled by wanting to add new activities or commitments to our day and be tricked into thinking, “I’ll fit it in.” In reality, something often needs to go in order to make space for the new. In our Decision Classroom for young people and adults, we teach a Time Audit as an inventory to highlight where you might want to decide to make changes in how you are spending your time. 

​We invite you to consider your life in the ‘before times,’ how you’ve been living now, and then consider four important questions as you imagine your life in the future. What would you like to

  • Eliminate?
  • Have less of?
  • Have more of?
  • Add?

When you dream, you start to get clarity about the life you want to live. After all, you are the decision maker!

    ​In gratitude,

    Amy Day