Rainbow Over the Valley

What will you do next?

When someone asks you an important question like, “What will you do next?”  in your job, education, career, or your life, do you find yourself automatically saying,

“I should…”

So often when faced with a decision, we automatically go to one solution to the problem, and often it’s something we feel pressured to do from ourselves, family, friends, or society. Really when you say, “I should…” it can mean you are leaning toward limited thinking and potentially away from what YOU actually want.

Unless your “I should” is fulfilling a commitment you’ve already made, which is great, practice a different response.

  • “Let me think about it.” By pausing, you take the pressure off and give yourself the space to apply the decision process to get more of what you want.
  • “Let me look at alternatives.” Creating an expectation of yourself that includes many possibilities, leads to innovating your great future.

When you take time to reliably process your decision, integrating both your mind and your heart, you create a life filled with more of what you want. 

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    Warm regards,

    Amy Day