Rainbow Over the Valley

Is there something missing in your decision process?

​Sometimes we get stuck and end up blaming ourselves for NOT feeling ready to act. Is this you?​​​​​ Often times it’s an just indicator of something missing in your decision process.

Don’t worry!

Ask yourself a few key questions and see if it creates movement for you.

  • Did I solve the wrong problem? ​Is there another FRAME, or question to pose, that states the ​decision opportunity clearer?
  • ​Did I miss something that was important to me? ​​​Remember your Noble Purpose and Clear Metrics you found in VALUES? Is there something you care about that you ​didn’t account for?
  • You got a lot out of your decision but you feel like you could get more of what you want. ​​Consider combining some alternatives to create a hybrid solution that gets you more of what you want.​

    Still stuck? Reach out for support. Get clarity and take purposeful action… what’s stopping you?

      Happy Decision Making!

      Amy Day