Rainbow Over the Valley

How does it feel to be in ​the decision driver’s seat?

Wow, we did it! ​We’ve arrived at the last step in the Decision Process – Taking Action!!!

​This is ​the moment ​when your decision becomes reality in the world. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

In today’s video I show you a number of action tips to support you in meeting your commitment to yourself. Get the ball rolling and start by taking that first step, even if it’s imperfect action.

Ask yourself…

  • What is my first step?
  • What systems are working for me? ​​What has worked in the past? Think back to a time when you were really effective and felt good about yourself. ​What systems supported you?
  • What are my strengths? ​Applying your strengths ​creates positive momentum.

    Are you stuck? Next week’s Thoughtful Thursday talks about getting unstuck. If you need support sooner, hit reply for help moving forward!

      Happy Decision Making!

      Amy Day