Rainbow Over the Valley

​​How is your decision going? ​

Last week we started working with Clarity4Action’s Decision Wheel and began with Frame. ​This week we’re moving onto step 2 – Values. ​ If you missed ​it, download your decision wheel below and ​I invite you to ​process a decision in ​YOURLIFE.

​I’m using my own neck injury as an illustration as we walk through this tool together to support you in applying this process​. My decision frame is, “How can I better support my neck and back health as a lifestyle change?”

Please watch the video for specific examples and values clarification​ both as a noble purpose and a trade-off or measure.

Pause, step out of autopilot, and consider:

  • What ​do I feel is my ​Noble Purpose? This would be your big, most important values like family, creativity, learning, etc.
  • What are concrete measures of my noble purpose? ​These might be trade-offs, aspects that are important to you, etc.

    Hit ‘reply’ if you​ ​have questions ​thinking through your decision​ or if you have a suggestion for mine! We’re here to help.

    ​In gratitude,

    Amy Day