Rainbow Over the Valley

Make the right decision

Have you ever asked yourself, with that sinking feeling in your heart, “Did I make the right decision?” Recently, so many people have asked me how to know if they’ve made the right decision. 

I’m resending you a very popular series from last summer that literally walks you through the Decision Process, so you can know for yourself how to make a great decision. I had been away from my desk for a few weeks because of a neck injury. 

​​As I was lying around, I noticed I had a decision to make! 

The decision question I’m posing in this video is, “How can I better support my neck and back health as a lifestyle change?” We call this the ​Decision Frame and it’s step 1 in the process.​​​​​​

For the next few weeks I’m going to walk through Clarity4Action’s Decision Wheel.

My ​lifestyle change ​decision simply offers a real-life example to support you​ in applying ​this process to ​YOURLIFE. I invite you to download our Decision Wheel 6-step framework, pause, step out of autopilot, and consider:

  • What would I like to look at changing in my own life or what decision am I facing?
  • How could I frame, or pose the decision question?

    Next week we’ll continue through the decision process… Values! Hit ‘reply’ with questions or comments.

      ​In gratitude,

      Amy Day