Rainbow Over the Valley

Let’s celebrate!!!

Graduations, finishing up the year, things are finally starting to open up…

​These are ​clear moments to celebrate! But how often do ​we forget to pause and ​do a “victory lap” for the little ​wins like finishing a project, organizing a cupboard, or mowing the lawn?​​​ Is it more likely ​we simply move on to the list ​of five ​projects we haven’t ​finished and feel disappointed instead?

My friend, Cheryl, taught me an important ritual called the Praise Me Tour!

  • When you finish a project show it off to your friends and/or family!
  • ​​​If no one is home, get creative! You can Facetime, Skype, or snap a photo and share.

    ​You matter and little victories build to big ​wins. Congratulations!!!

      In gratitude,

      Amy Day