Rainbow Over the Valley

A future life you’d like to create

Have you ever been stuck and unable to think in a new way about a problem or a future life you’d like to create? Today I want to talk to you about Backcasting – an incredible tool from Decision Analysis! It’s a technique to bust out limited thinking and help debias the solutions you are creating. 

So what is this magic?

Project yourself into the future and imagine your problem is solved and/or you are living your incredible life!

Be present to that future, like you’re living it, and think big! Ask yourself

  • What is this future experience I am having of my life 6 months to 2 years from now? It might be things like, “I’m confident.” “I love driving my new car.” “Freedom.” Describe it in detail. 
  • How did I get there? List 10 to 20 ways. Be creative! As you stretch your thinking, you start to generate new ideas and counter artificial limits created by cognitive biases. 

You are literally creating new trails from the future revealing the first steps you can take today in getting there.

    We struggle with decisions throughout our lives, deciding on college, career, the next evolution of our lives, and yet NO ONE IS TEACHING HOW TO MAKE GOOD DECISIONS that are anchored in you, the decision maker! That ends today. Whether you are a young person, building your life, a parent, or mentor, we are launching our Decision Classroom shortly and would love to serve you. If you’d like to know more, click this link and we’ll keep you posted!

      Warm regards,

      Amy Day