Rainbow Over the Valley

Remember your life when Covid started

Do you remember your life when Covid started? How was it possible that everyone was obsessed with toilet paper? Shelves were emptied, people were frantic, and stores put limits on purchase quantities.

Of course, panic was at play, but why toilet paper? Underneath the dramatic scarcity messaging from 24/7 news stories and social media bombardment, our human brains connected to the drama and vivid imagery of empty store shelves, especially in the personal hygiene section. Our brains were actually being tricked into incorrect catastrophic thinking because of the Salience effect, one of many cognitive biases, so we ran out and stocked up on toilet paper!

SmartOrg just published an article I guest wrote about cognitive biases. Gain insights into how to spot biases and what to do about them. Click here to keep reading!

    In gratitude,

    Amy Day

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