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Worth the value of the information

Last Thoughtful Thursday, we talked about the Value of Information. I gave you an example about how my family probably had COVID and that finding out if we were positive was not worth the value of the information.

On the flip side, there are times when it’s actually really useful to dig in and get more information.

This past week, my husband, a caregiver, and I were medically supporting a family member and it looked like she might need to go to the hospital; it was one of those situations that wasn’t totally clear. Our inclination was to just take her but we paused and sought out more reliable information from her doctor, a valuable source, who clarified the situation. We were able to take confident action and support her at home because we took the time and effort to gather valuable information.

When you find yourself wondering if you should seek out new information, consider:

  • Will this information make a difference? Is the new information going to add significant value to the quality of my decision?
  • Is the insight I might gain worth the time and effort it takes to find the information?
  • Will new information actually get me more of what I want?

    It’s important to recognize when more information could provide you with powerful and useful insights or when it’s time to just say, “This is good enough.”

    I’d love to hear about times when you’ve struggled knowing when enough is enough. Hit reply and let me know!

      Warm regards,

      Amy Day