Rainbow Over the Valley

Delaying making a choice

Have you ever experienced analysis paralysis or gotten bogged down in your decisions? Do you ever find yourself looking for more information, going down rabbit holes, and delaying making a choice? I have.

In these moments it’s important to evaluate and reflect on the Value of Information. You can then consciously decide whether to move forward with more research or to decide and act.

I recently faced a moment like this when my whole family came down with a horrible cold right before Christmas. Was it Covid? It sure looked like it. My doctor ordered a PCR test but no one in the Seattle area could get a lab appointment anywhere… for weeks! After about a day of relentless searching, I stepped back and asked myself some important questions around the value of information.

When you find yourself at a moment like this consider:

  • Will this information make a difference? Is the new information going to add significant value to the quality of my decision?
  • Is the insight I might gain worth the time and effort it takes to find the information?
  • Will new information actually get me more of what I want?

    In my case, even if a Covid test came back negative, we would still quarantine our family regardless. And, in the event one of us wound up needing urgent care, they would administer a test and we’d know.  So I decided to stop looking and put my energy into getting well.

    Where in your life do you end up in analysis paralysis or unable to act? Please hit reply to this email and let me know! Your feedback helps me create supportive Thoughtful Thursdays for our community.

      Warm regards,

      Amy Day

        P.S. Drop a comment below and let me know where you get stuck.