Rainbow Over the Valley

Ability to make quality decisions changes throughout our life.

My whole family is home for the holidays and sometimes it can feel like a mixed blessing for everyone. While taking care of holiday preparations and supporting my kids, husband, and aging parents, I am reminded of the decision opportunities and challenges faced by people of different generations. Our ability to make quality decisions changes throughout our life.

Clarity4Action represents this process with a Graduated Autonomy curve where our decision autonomy starts and ends low, where we need more hands-on support, and typically peaks in middle adulthood with totally independent living. Watch today’s video for an insightful explanation. 

Especially when dealing with family, our loved ones can experience frustration, overwhelm, and sadness when faced with decisions outside of their capabilities and sometimes this can lead to interpersonal challenges for us as well.

Contribute to your family and friends with compassion around their decision-making autonomy and consider:

  • What season of life am I in with my decision making autonomy?
  • Where is my loved one on the Graduated Autonomy curve?
  • How can I gently provide decision support to my loved one by meeting them where they are?

    I hope this supports you and your family.

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      Sending You Warm Holiday Wishes!

      Amy Day

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