Rainbow Over the Valley

What are they thinking?

When watching someone else navigate a decision, have you ever said to yourself, “That sounds so crazy. What are they thinking?” In past emails I’ve talked a lot about Decision Fitness, how to recognize it in yourself, and how your Decision Fitness can improve or impair your decision making.

Support them in a way that improves their decision fitness.

    Have you noticed you’re starting to recognize those Decision Fitness moments in others? When supporting others like your family, friends, little kids, the elderly, consider Decision Fitness and consider:

    Am I Decision Fit? Am I emotionally regulated, feel grounded, and recognize potential cognitive biases that could be impacting my thinking?

    Are they Decision Fit? Are they emotionally flooded, overwhelmed, etc. or could cognitive biases be at play?

    How can I support them in a way that improves their decision fitness?

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!

    Amy Day