giving tuesday

Connect with what matters to you

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. 

As we continue with our gratitude practice this month, I invite you to pause and think about what organizations have really made an impact for you this year. 

As we enter the holiday season, you may see promotions for “Giving Tuesday” on November 30th. It’s a global movement to simply remind us all to think bigger, to lean into the change that’s possible, and to contribute this season to the charities we believe in. 

So think about those organizations that have supported you and are doing important work that you believe in and donate. Take action now. It means a lot to the people they serve. And it impacts you, too. 

As you focus on what you care about, your values line up with your decisions and actions in the world; it’s rocket fuel for your heart and mind.

If you love the work we’re doing and the changes that we’re making in the world, there’s a button below, and on our website, for you to donate. 

Thanks for contributing.

In gratitude,

Amy Day