Rainbow Over the Valley

A gratitude practice that starts with you…

Last Thanksgiving I sent a Thoughtful Thursday email about reflecting on and expressing gratitude. It had such a positive response from many of you that I wanted to go deeper this year.

Just like we teach in whole-person decision making, you are at the center of the process… step 1 is you!

I invite you to spend a few minutes reflecting on: 

  1. What am I grateful for, about myself?  Gratitude starts by honoring the unique magic that you bring to  the world. 
  2. What’s one or more of my accomplishments I’m grateful for? It could be something you feel excited about creating, or just who you’re being right now, for example. 
  3. How could I celebrate or acknowledge the things I’m grateful for? 

Gratitude can begin to move us into a shifted mindset discovering joy, contentment, and peace.

In gratitude,

Amy Day