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4 Questions for a great decision.

It seems like we’re all pressed for time in life. So why take the time to learn HOW to make better decisions? It’s to get more of what YOU WANT from life’s choices. Although there’s a huge body of scientific work and research behind decision making, very few people are ever taught how.

When I teach our VIDA Method (Values, my Internal operating system, Decision process, Action) I sum it up with four questions to help improve your decisions in the moment. Click through to today’s video for more detail.

Ask yourself

  • Who am I? What are your values, strengths, and vision for your future?
  • How am I? Are your emotional state, hunger, or cognitive biases impacting your decision fitness?
  • What could I? Are you applying our decision wheel system to integrate your logical mind and feeling heart for a whole person decision?
  • How will I? Your decision isn’t made until you take action. How can you use your strengths to make your decision a reality in your world?

If you’re not sure HOW to make a great decision, there are many ways to learn. Check out our

Reach out if you have any questions. Have a lovely weekend!

Warm regards,

Amy Day

    Decision Coach