Rainbow Over the Valley

Looking at my​self through a different lens

Today I’m sharing a family tradition… It’s called the Quote of the Day​. They are post-its that populate my kitchen cabinet capturing funny comments people have made over the years! It was inspired as a hack for solving one of my “weaknesses” ​and looking at my​self through a different lens. Check out the video for a clear and fun explanation!

  • I sometimes struggle with retaining in-the-moment information
  • I am a storyteller and historian
  • I’m really accurate when I write ​things down right away

So in 2009 I created an intention to write​ memorable moments ​down ​​in real time as paper soundbites. Amazingly, as I reframed my weakness, I turned it into a powerful strength.

​​I invite you to ask yourself:

  • Where ​am I thinking I am weak?
  • How is ​this ​potentially a strength for me?
  • Hit reply and let me know what shift you made

    In gratitude,

    Amy Day