Rainbow Over the Valley

I’ve been there myself

Do you ever feel frustrated because you can’t seem to show up the way you “should” or want? I get it. I’ve been there myself.

The answers to your frustrations are closer than you think! I’ve been updating one of our course handouts called How I Tick, where students take an inventory of their personal preferences … It made me think about you!  

We’re all on a continuum of what works for us. For example, where do you show up on the scale from early bird to night owl? Are you a solo artist, or a band member? Are you energized by deadlines, or do you like to pace your energy? These are your personal preferences where you are just being you; by revealing your natural strengths you access a great secret weapon!

I invite you to reflect on your day, how you showed up, and what it reveals about your personal preferences:

  • What personal preferences do I already leverage in my day?
  • Where is an area I feel frustrated or would like to change?
  • How could I apply my personal preferences as a solution?

    Watch today’s video for a quick example I made to support you. 

    When you’re stuck, recognize you have powerful tools. Have fun finding those places to create solutions to show up as you! 

    When you take action, it’s your decision showing up in the world!

    Amy Day