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Welcome to Day 8 of Thriving Daily

Marina Tselner

Artist & Transformational Art Coach

Replay runs till the 31st at midnight PST.

Using Art for Healing and Joy

about the speaker

Marina Tselner

Artist & Transformational Art Coach

Meet Marina Tselner MFA, your go-to gal for all things Art and Healing! She’s obsessed with intuitive painting, depth-oriented journaling, and tapping into the soul through creativity. Her mission? To spread the word far and wide about the incredible power of Art as Medicine.

With her playful characters and colorful painting style, Marina’s classes are inspired by the State of Flow, Time of Year, Divine Feminine, and the Secrets of the Universe according to Kabbalah. Join Marina and discover how intuitive art can heal your heart and awaken your creative spark, so you can experience more beauty, inspiration, and joy for you and the whole family!

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Art From the Heart

Get ready for a fun and transformative experience with Marina Tselner’s free video workshop, “Art from the Heart.”

Marina will share her intuitive art technique for healing and walk you through her signature steps to tap into your creative flow, overcome your inner perfectionist, and find your own creative insight and joy.

Great for advanced artists AND beginners! This is a unique opportunity to connect with your inner artist and transform your life. (◠‿◠✿)

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